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ISBN : 9782875753021

Rosa Bonheur - EN

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    Who is Rosa Bonheur? In the mid-19th century, when women didn’t have the same freedoms as men, a diminutive, talented woman would become the most famous artist of her time. To study animals close up, she went to places forbidden to women, like the Paris horse fair. She had to dress as a man, so that no one noticed her. Rosa painted a huge picture which earned her fame and fortune. Everyone admired her! She bought a castle on the edge of Fontainebleau Forest and took in hundreds of animals which she loved and respected: lions, sheep, horses… How did Rosa Bonheur meet Buffalo Bill? She travelled to Scotland and discovered the wildness of nature. Discover this brilliant artist!

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    22 x 16.5 cm
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    In collaboration with Château Rosa Bonheur, Thomery
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