The Little Art Brut

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Available in: FR, EN, NL

Collection: Happy Museum!
Langue: EN
Format: papier

The Little Art Brut

Find out about the 'Art brut' artists while having fun!


What is Art Brut?

Who invented the name...

And who are these artists?

Anonymous and self-taught,

they create their own worlds and languages.

They take bits of string, toys, scraps of material,

wood, pebbles, wrapping paper...

And transform it all int works of art!

Free style? Which style would you choose?

Embroidery, collage, model-making, felt, watercolour...?

It's your turn! Express yourself in a new way!

Find out about the "Art Brut" artists while having fun!

EAN : 978-2875-750396

Format : 16,5 x 22 cm