Fancy Art Nouveau!

Fancy Art Nouveau!

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Collection: Happy Museum!
Langue: EN
Format: papier

Fancy Art Nouveau!

An interactive journey to the land of arabesques!


A breeze of fresh wind blows over Brussels.

Victor Horta draws arabesques.

Paul Hankar creates window shops in the shape of insects.

We have tea at the Old England.

An entire street is dedicated to Ernest Blérot.

Henry van de Velde conceives his cottage.

The city is embellished.

The façades are covered with sgraffiti.

Craftmen create stained glasses, mosaics,

iron works, furniture, painted paper, jewellery...

All for art and art for all !

A book exploring Art Nouveau to read, to play with, to create !

EAN : 978-2930-382173

Format : 16,5 x 22 cm